How often are grants awarded?

Grants are awarded twice a year in June and December. Grant recipients will be notified by telephone and via Email.

What are the deadlines for grant applications?   

Applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2019 for June 2019 grants and October 1, 2019 for December 2019 grants.                                                                                                         

Who can apply? 

Anyone, as long as you are a US Citizen residing in the US. You must be able to demonstrate that you can provide a stable home environment for the child (approved home study) while demonstrating that you are facing significant financial obstacles and need financial assistance with your adoption expenses.                                                                        

How often can families apply?

Families can apply once in an annual cycle of the program. You may apply again only if you are still in the adoption process.

Does it matter what kind of adoption program we are using?

Salvation International grants are to be used for your choice of adoption process---private or agency, domestic or international, or foster care - it is your decision. Salvation International grants are not given for embryo adoptions.

Can we/I apply if we already have children?

Yes, but priority will be given to applicants without children.

What are the amounts of the grants?

$500 - $5,000 depending on individual situations.

How do we/I receive the grant if we are awarded one?

Grant money is dispensed directly to your service provider only when the service has been provided.

How do you make your grant recipient decisions?

Qualified and complete applications received by our submission deadline will be presented to our board. The board will review the applications as well as discuss them and make a final decision. All sections of the application will be taken into consideration. Priority will be given to applications who meet the following objective criteria:

  • Must be a US citizen residing in the US

  • Must have a completed home study-no exceptions.

  • Must not be pursuing infertility treatments simultaneously with your adoption plans (if applicable).

  • Must demonstrate that while you can provide a stable environment for a child, you are facing significant financial obstacles and need financial assistance with your adoption expenses.

  • Must distinguish the difference between "not wanting" to write the check(s) for your adoption expenses and "not being able to".

  • Must demonstrate willingness to proceed with your adoption plans with or without our assistance.

  • You may apply if you already have children, but priority will be given to couples/individuals without children.


At what point in the adoption process should I apply to Salvation International?

You may apply at any point in the process as long as you have a completed home study. But the Salvation International grants are intended for current adoptions. Grants will be paid directly to your service providers and are not intended to reimburse past expenses or previously completed adoptions.

How does the submission and review process work?

The application is available only on our authorized web site. Every section, in addition to the supplemental documentation, must be completed and returned to us by the deadlines specified on the application. The grant selection committee will meet and review the completed applications. They will then make their decisions based on all of the information provided and on the funds available at that point in time.

What if I have already received a grant from another organization?

You must explain all the specifics.

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