"We will be forever grateful for the role that Salvation International played in bringing home our son" - Shadrick Family

Wolfenbarger Family

Dear Salvation International Family,

Our family is so grateful for your support during our adoption journey. Eve Afua is home and receiving the love and medical care she so desperately needed. Our journey to healing will be long but we are confident that she belongs in our family. We are filled with joy!

The grant we received from you is a huge part of Eve's story. We were ready to travel to Ghana but struggling to finance our plane tickets and pay for our adoption agency's final payment at the same time. We considered postponing the trip, but at the same time we longed to see our daughter and further our adoption process. In faith, we booked the tickets to go and literally 30 minutes later we received a phone call that we were chosen as a recipient of a grant from Salvation International. That moment is one that we can always look back on and know that God provided so faithfully through you. He called us to this journey and brought an amazing organization into our life. Thank you for all that you do.

Eve did not have a future in her country. Children with special needs are not educated, they don't have access to medical care and often times they are abandoned. Eve lived in a large government orphanage, confined to a crib for the last two years and her future did not look promising. Many children in that facility die of malnutrition and various diseases. Today, she has medical care, she will have education and most importantly she has the love of a Mommy, Daddy and her brothers and sisters. In just a short month home, we have witnessed an amazing transformation. You changed the course of a little girl's life from an orphan to a daughter. Thank you.


With Gratitude, 
Eric, Jenni, Emilia, Jakob, Kofi, Joy and Eve Wolfenbarger

Cole Family

In September of 2012 we were in the midst of our third adoption process. We were waiting to be matched, our hearts on the line again and again as expectant moms were shown our family profile. In the middle of this waiting, a sweet friend, and former recipient of a Salvation International adoption grant, shared with me about Salvation International. I quickly hopped on the website and emailed a plea asking if we could submit an application for consideration.

A few weeks later, on the last day of October, we got the call. We were matched! Our baby would be born in March. We were elated!! We also had lots of fundraising still ahead of us! The VERY next day I received a call from Danielle informing us that we had been selected for a Salvation International grant! Our elation soared even higher! Overnight, God had answered a large part of our prayer for financial assistance.

Before our precious Ava was born Salvation International had the funds forwarded to the appropriate party and God had continued His handiwork in supplying every single cent of the required adoption fees!


We are forever grateful for the work that Danielle and the rest of the Salvation International team performed on our behalf. We are also so very grateful to each person who was involved in giving to Salvation International in any way, shape, or form.


Starting out, we thought we had everything figured out. We had about a third of the expected fees for our adoption. We planned out how we were going to save the rest and everything seemed perfect.

 My husband is a Marine and we have 3 home-grown (biological) children. We were ready to add a new little one to our family. We decided to adopt from Ethiopia. 

 A few weeks into the process (after we paid $3,000) we started to learn more and found out that Ethiopian adoptions were going through a rough time (ethically). Feeling as though I didn’t know enough to navigate my way through this mess we decided to leave the agency andmove towards an adoption from another country. Sadly, that $3,000 was non-refundable.

 We then decided to adopt from Uganda. We were accepted into an agency that worked in Uganda. We were doing great and paying the fees as we went along. I started to learn more about adoption ethics and began to feel as through I needed to do everything in my power to make sure that the child I adopted was one who NEEDED to be adopted. After realizing that I had many unanswered questions I made the extremely difficult choice to leave that agency too and go with an agency that was much more upfront and transparent about the children and the children’s backgrounds. We were encouraged to ask anything and to keep asking until we felt completely comfortable. I loved this. Unfortunately, this meant we were walking away from $5,000.

 We were matched with a child who was two and a half, but who only weighed 15 pounds. She was extremely delayed and needed to be adopted quickly. As the weeks went by I began to realize that because of the decisions I made to change agencies I wasn’t going to have enough money to get there as quickly as she needed me to. 

I realized that I needed to make a heartbreaking decision to walk away so another family could step up quickly and adopt her. I also realized that this was the end of the road for our adoption journey because we couldn’t afford to start again. I was so upset that by trying to make the ethical choice for our future child it may have led us down a path that would prevent us from adopting at all.

 I sat in my room realizing what I had to do. Heartbroken, I started refunding the few donations we had received over the last 8 months since we started the process. I posted an update on my facebook page stating that we were walking away. I shut my computer down for the night and called my husband (he was deployed to Okinawa). I went to sleep completely devastated. 

 The next day I woke up to many, many emails from people encouraging me and asking me not to give up. Everyone who I had refunded their donations sent the payments back to me and many more people donated. I was speechless, in awe and totally confused. I prayed all morning long. After a few hours I decided to try one last time.

 I needed a miracle. I then got a message from a friend asking me to apply to Salvation International. I filled out the application immediately and a few days later I got the phone call that they wanted to help our family. Relief doesn’t even come close to describing how I felt. They ended up donating $5,000 to help us get to Uganda to adopt our daughter. Without them, we would never have been able to get there. Without all of Salvation International’s supporters they would never have been able to do this for us. Thank you.
 I went to Uganda on January 28th and came home with Bridgetti on February 24th. My husband came home from his deployment on February 23rd just one day before we returned from Uganda. She is doing amazingly well, she is now walking, laughing, talking and about to turn three on May 20th. She fits into to our family perfectly and I thank God everyday that he provided the miracle we needed to bring her into our lives. She is beautiful. She is loved.


We, Jason and Kameron Shadrick, are parents to 4 wonderful children, 2 biological and 2 from Ethiopia. We are so grateful for the help and support from Salvation International in the adoption of our 2nd Ethiopian child. 

In 2011 we completed our first adoption of our daughter from Ethiopia (our 3rd child) and honestly we had no intention of starting another international adoption for several more years, if ever. Just 2 months after bringing home our daughter, we decided to close our family business, and as a result we lost nearly all of our personal and business assets and personally assumed a large business loan. We did feel as though there was a “hole” in our family and that the Lord wanted us to adopt again, but we were uncertain of where this child would come from. Since we did not have the resources to adopt internationally again, we decided to take a step towards Foster Adoption and see if that was a part of God’s plan. 

Then, in October 2011 God decided to totally shift the direction of our family. Jason went to Ethiopia for 2 weeks on a mission trip with YWAM, during which he served in one of their orphanages (the orphanage that our Ethiopian daughter is also from). While there God made it VERY clear that a particular waiting child, a little boy named “Markon”, was to be adopted by our family. Jason knew immediately we were to do everything possible to bring him home.

We suddenly found ourselves needing to come up with $20,000 within 3 months. Yes, this seemed impossible, but by the grace of God, Jason was been able to take on side jobs, we received a good tax return, and simply by His miraculous hand, we were able to pay this first $20,000. However, because this adoption was on the “fast track”, we had only 5 months to come up with the remaining $10,000. The Lord, as always, moved mountains and continued to provide funds in the most unexpected ways. Towards the very end of our adoption, we were literally down to needing the last $1500 and had resigned to the fact that we would need to use our credit cards for this final amount when Salvation International called to inform us that we had been awarded a $1200 grant. Our jaws dropped, and we were reminded of God’s faithfulness and that He is rarely early, but never late. 

We will be forever grateful for the role that Salvation International played in bringing home our son, and for advocating for the needs of the orphan in a very real, very impactful way.


Our story:

We are an adoptive family...so blessed to be called by God to be the forever family to some precious kids!  We started our first adoption in 2004, and in November 2005 we were in China bringing home our first child.  In December 2006, we found ourselves back in China to bring our second daughter home.  We thought we were done.  God had another plan.  He usually does!  We just have to stop and listen.  So in the fall of 2009, we answered the call once again and started the journey to bring our third child home...a little boy waiting for us in an orphanage in Taiwan.

We did not fund raise for either of our 2 prior adoptions.  We are still paying on both of those.  Not having any money in reserve and already paying on 2 adoptions left us in quite a financial predicament.  We knew that God would be our provision.  I love the saying "If God gives you the vision, He will be your provision"....love it!  So, the grant application process began!  We did lots of fund raising on our own and waited to hear from the numerous organizations that we applied with.  One afternoon we were blessed to hear from Salvation International!!  Let me say that receiving a grant from Salvation International was a blessing!

I am happy to report that our son has now been home from Taiwan for 7 months and is doing amazingly well!  We are a happy family of 5.....well, for now....God's been back at work on us....working on number 6.  We are blessed beyond measure and so thankful that God used Salvation International to be a part of His "provision" for our family!  

Blessed Beyond Measure,