A few years back, my husband and I looked into adopting a baby from China…realizing it cost $30,000, we just didn’t have it… Feeling like I still needed to do something, I knew God wanted me to pursue this a little further, so I began to ask myself  "How many families get discouraged from adopting and don't move further in the process because it costs so much?" So, I decided to start up a non-profit and raise the money through the selling of clothing apparel and also hosting events. The money we would raise, would go to families that wanted to adopt, and that is how Salvation International began. – Danielle, Founder & President.

Our Mission

Salvation International wants to facilitate and expedite a better life for all children waiting to be adopted.  Our mission is to provide grants to qualified couples and individuals towards their adoption expenses of domestic and international adoptions.  It seems ironic that children wait to be adopted while potential parents struggle to afford the costs of adoption. Our vision is that every child deserves a family.